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You Spoke,
We Listened!

Thanks to the opinions of the truck driving community and lobbying efforts by the OTA, the Ministry is clearly listening to what truck drivers and the industry want on this issue. To help ensure the new air brake modules become a reality, tell them you support this change, just click the button!

Thanks to the many voices in the trucking industry and efforts by the Ontario Trucking Association, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation is proposing changes to how truck drivers renew their air brake endorsement (Z) on their commercial driver’s licence. If the proposal passes, there will be more flexible, modernized options for drivers to renew air brake endorsements on existing licences without having to take the written knowledge test.

What’s New

MTO is proposing that air brake learning modules be introduced as an additional alternative to the air brake renewal knowledge test, which is viewed by some in the driving community to be somewhat redundant, unnecessary, and confusing. The newly proposed learning modules can be taken online, at the driver’s convenience, and do not contain a pass/fail criteria.

What’s in it for you?

New Learning Modules

Providing the learning modules as an alternative to the air brake knowledge test offers greater flexibility and reduces unnecessary burdens for those renewing their licences, while enhancing knowledge of air brake systems and regulations;

Improved Retention & Support

The new options are expected to improve truck driver retention and support, as well as road safety, while reducing red tape for drivers and operators;

Learning Styles

Learning modules will better address various learning styles and allow drivers to focus on understanding the material, instead of studying for a test;

Improved Comprehension

The new options will reduce the number of drivers losing their Z endorsement during their renewals (and having to retake tests) due to unrelated comprehension, phrasing and language issues that do not reflect the level of knowledge or competency about air brake systems;

Benefits for ESL

Drivers whose second language is English may find the changes to be the most beneficial.

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